About Me

I love Computational design. The idea, of how Computational design could revolutionize the AEC industry, fuels me to work hard on myself, to pick up skills that will enable me bring more value to the table. If the above resonates with you, I’d love to have a genuine conversation with you, about big ideas, aspirations and technical discussions.

My name is Han. I am a Singaporean, 26, working as Computational Designer in Singapore.

I identify and resolve pain points faced by Architects & Engineers  through Computational solutions, mainly building Dynamo scripts and Plugins for Revit.

I find joy in tinkering and crafting out algorithms to solve real problems (I’m sure most Engineers can relate!).  The immense satisfaction gained from project delivery and a happy client is simply indescribable. Delivering value, enabling Architects & Engineers to focus on things that matters, grants me the greatest motivation to want to do more.

Inspired by Jeremy Tammik, the purpose of this website is to reach out to people interested in Computational design for the AEC, be it Architects, Engineers or Software Developers, and provide learning resources. I recommend you visit his website, it’s a huge cave of knowledge treasure there.