Computer Vision in Dynamo ?!?!

Computer Vision in Dynamo ?!?!

As trends in A.I. and Machine learning thrive during this age of technology, the advances and applications of image recognition continues to awe me, take DeepFake as a prominent example that created much buzz globally. Isn’t that incredible?

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Deepfake technology (Source: Wikipedia)

Which left me thinking… What if we could help our computers to SEE our BIM models, just like a human would?

What if we could train ML models to recognize BIM objects? Just like how autonomous vehicles recognize humans and roads.

What if we could populate room interior graphics using A.I.? Just like what was done with colorization of vintage photos and videos.

I see that there are plenty of opportunities in that area left unexplored. And it could be due to the intimidating first step into coding (That’s what Visual programming is for isn’t it ?!). However, at the time of this post, I couldn’t find any existing packages providing Computer Vision functions (Please let me know if you know of it).

And since my buddy, Jun Kang and I have always wanted to build Zero-touch nodes, we thought of bringing Computer Vision into Dynamo at the same time. Below are the first few nodes that made it into our Dynamo package (Grayscale and Canny Edge detection) !

P.S. We are no experts in Computer Vision or A.I., just messed around with a little before, but we certainly hope to empower those who are or who wants to be.

I’m truly excited about what’s coming next! If you have any ideas that you want to see, please leave a comment or drop me a DM! We certainly need help from experts. You can also show your support by buying us a coffee at Patreon to help this project come to realization quicker !

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  1. Maxwell Kafari

    This is great! What I really would like to see is Al Architect. What i mean is designer that has so many knowledge of floorplans that can create automatically floorplans with toilets, baths furnitures kitchen etcetera basically from conceptuel architectural form. I think there is the future of design offices, in the conceptuele fases of design assignment or competitions.

    That is something that i would like to set up an AI design office.

    1. Han

      That’s right Maxwell! Let’s make that a reality 🙂

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