Data visualization from/to Excel in Dynamo UI nodes

Data visualization from/to Excel in Dynamo UI nodes

While developing/enhancing excel functions in our custom, it is often required of us to do a reliability test on each function/node we are developing. Reliability test, at least in our context, refers to feeding multiple different sets of data, be it wrong or right, to our nodes to ensure that the nodes are working as intended.

During these tests, I had made some data-structured error which causes the test to be ineffective, which at the same time cause more time required to get the nodes up and running as intended. This actually hits me right on and made me ponder, what if we could visualize the data in Dynamo and check if the data is structured accordingly before passing on to any other functions/methods, that would be freaking awesome right? And so much time would be saved at the same time.

**When I said visualize, I meant visualize visualize, as in translating the list and nested list into readable rows and columns as what you would see in excel.

And VOLA, here I am, proudly presenting to you guys a custom UI node we had developed that has the capability to do what i described earlier on. Here’s a preview on the custom node in action.

As you guys can see, IN the Dynamo UI node you can actually visualize what is happening within the list and nested list in rows and columns. This actually, in my opinion, brings joy to visual programming.

Now for more data sets example:

As you guys can see, the data were passed through the nodes without any changes and at the same time, you can visualize the data of lists in row and column.

Well, of course, this node is still in the BETA phase, which means more ideas are coming in to incorporate with this node. For example, adding the function to perform live-edits. If you guys have any ideas or specific functions you wanna see, need not need to be for this application, feel free to comment down below and we will try our best to make it happen. Yes, LETS MAKE IT HAPPEN.

As always, happy coding and you can also show your support by buying us a coffee at Patreon to help accelerate this project to realization!

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