Dynamo Workshop @ SIT – D1

Dynamo Workshop @ SIT – D1

It will be indeed an exciting year ahead of growth and opportunities. Starting with a conduct of a 2-day Dynamo workshop to my Juniors at Singapore Institute of Technology (SIT) !

It was nerve wrecking to be conducting live demo sessions (which I really need improvement on), yet fulfilling to have seen through it ! I’ll definitely be working harder for the 2nd session to engage you guys better.

I am extremely grateful to be given the opportunity to impart relevant skills to my Juniors, as well as sharing my vision and the role of Computation in the AEC. However, what I’m most hopeful to achieve out of these workshops, is to ignite interest for those who are curious technologists at heart, and guide them to find passion in their daily work and take on meaningful challenges ahead.

I am looking forward to the 2nd session already, and more in the future at SIT! Special thanks to Prof. Moshood who made this possible, always a pleasure working with you.

If Dynamo (or Computational BIM in general) workshops are of interest to you or your organization, do drop me a DM and we can discuss on customized workshop conducts for your business needs !

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