Fordify First Look

Fordify First Look

Built upon one of our previous posts “Construction Simulation in 9 minutes”, we developed a Revit plugin to resolve some of the main issues faced previously that made deployment unfeasible. I.e. Scripts were not re-usable, coordinate discrepancies with some Curtain panel elements, no proper User Interface (UI) for options & user interaction, unable to assign unique duration for each task, etc.

Fordify was developed to solve the mentioned problems, in hopes to improve existing 4D/ 5D workflows between Revit & Navisworks.

Let’s have the video demonstration do the rest of the talking šŸ™‚

Both of the actual videos recordings were lesser than 5 minutes each. Therefore, we can now iterate 4D simulations easily without worrying about laborious rework and never-ending data entry !!! šŸ™‚

Thanks for watching the video, do subscribe to my mailing list for news on official release!! We welcome any questions or comments on desired features too!

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  1. Iā€™m interested to see if this could be applied to modular construction. Is this going to be a free Add-in like the dependant view one?

    1. Hey Nick,

      Would be happy to test it on a project if you have any, do drop me a DM at


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