Fordify version update v1.1.12

Fordify version update v1.1.12

Fordify was developed to improve existing 4D & 5D BIM workflows between Revit & Navisworks, acting as a Primer for rapid 4D & 5D workflows between Revit & Navisworks.

A step towards “Model-driven construction planning & scheduling” approach to construction planning, a radical approach compared to the conventional way of drawing up Gantt charts from zero.

Details original release can be found here !

Check out our latest update releases on Fordify !

*Major changes :

i) Re-consolidated Main page User Interface

ii) Added linked models simulation capabilities

Check out our stress test on a raw & unmodified project model. Special thanks to Tobi from Cloudfrica for the test case !

*Other Changes :

  • Automated tasks’ start and end dates on excel ( First task start date defaulted to run date, i.e. TODAY(), change as necessary )
  • Added Railing Category ( Please report if any bug/ errors are found )
  • Bug fixes

And that’s all for the updates ! Below are the current wish-listed features, please continue to give your utmost honest feedback as we progress towards a common goal of “Model-driven construction planning & scheduling” together !

Wish-list features

  • Group by Rooms
  • Group by Family Types
  • Cost
  • Duration determined by total sum instead of per unit

Please continue to support us by reporting bugs, giving feedback and wishlist features. We are also looking for more collaborators to test Fordify on! Follow us on our social media platforms to get the latest updates and releases !

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