Fordify v1.2.21

Construction Animation in Minutes !

Generate & Iterate 4D animations in MINUTES !

Fordify was developed to improve existing 4D & 5D BIM workflows between Revit & Navisworks, acting as a Primer for rapid 4D & 5D workflows between Revit & Navisworks.

Download : –

Fordify (Trial) : Link
Fordify (Pro) : Link

How to ?

  1. Select Grouping & Sorting Options
  2. Customise Respective Category, Level, Zoning Settings
  3. Adjust output Prefix, Suffix & Delimiters
  4. Run & Generate Sequenced CSV
  5. Edit Excel as required, i.e. Tasks’ & Sub-tasks start & end dates
  6. Import Excel into Navisworks, rebuild tasks from CSV
  7. Rule-based tasks attachment to Model elements
  8. Run simulation

Wishlist Features Roadmap

JOIN US …!! In taking a step towards “Model-driven construction planning & scheduling” approach to construction planning, a radical approach in contrast to the conventional drawing of Gantt charts from zero.

Comment & Contribute to the wishlist below!

  1. Test with other 4D software, i.e. Synchro, Fuzor, <Your Suggestion>
  2. Split Floor
  3. Split Wall
  4. Group by Rooms
  5. Group by Family Types
  6. Cost
  7. Duration determined by total sum instead of per unit

Download : –

Fordify (Trial) : Link
Fordify (Pro) : Link

v1.2.21 Release!

  • Automatically save settings feature !

v1.1.12 Release!

  • Re-consolidated Main page User Interface
  • Added linked models simulation capabilities
  • Improved workflow for linked models ( Please watch video demo ) Users no longer have to add parameters to Revit elements for Navisworks mapping. GUIDs can be used instead, this is to enable the workflow for linked models.
  • Added Railing Category ( Please report if any bug/ errors are found )
  • Bug fixes

v1.0 Release!

  • First Release! 
  • Try it ! Feedback ! Tell me what else you want to see !

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