Geometric pattern with the Golden Ratio

Geometric pattern with the Golden Ratio

I was playing around with geometric patterns and thought of experimenting with the Fibonacci sequence or the Golden Ratio (Something taught in University which I never really understood). Apparently, patterns have been observed in natural phenomenon, such as arrangement of leaves and branching on trees, that takes after the Fibonacci sequence. Pretty cool stuff. Now, lets run through the back-end of creating the pattern illustrated.

You can download the full dynamo file here to follow along!

We begin by using the origin point (0, 0, 0) as a reference. We can imagine that all points that makes up the pattern are simply translated and rotated from the reference point. With this idea in mind, let’s look at the nodes where the magic happens.

Take every N-th items

Going further into exploration, there was some interesting patterns observed when I extracted every “N-th” item from the list of points. Pretty interesting, isn’t it?

Map color by Distance from Origin

We could make the pattern prettier by mapping colors to it, using distance from the origin as an input.

I hope you enjoyed this post as I did playing around with it! To be honest, I really couldn’t think of any pragmatic applications for this idea yet, so let me know if you do!

Else, as always, happy coding!

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  1. Julia

    I was wondering if you could make the images larger? I’m trying to create this and would like to see what you are putting into the code blocks. Thanks!

    1. Han

      Heyy Julia,

      Terribly sorry! Must have forgotten to upload the file.
      You can download the file from this link as a quick fix.
      Will fix the images soon. Enjoy !


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