Image Pixels to Dynamo Points!

First post of 2020 !

2019 has been an eventful year full of major milestones, started my first job, did my Masters, graduated and started as well as lots of super fun and cool personal projects. As I set my goals for the year, I can foresee an exciting 2020, with plans to release AECTech’s Dynamo package and even more cool content for everyone!

Do you know that image files are nothing more than colored pixels with RGB values pieced together ? Check out our update on AECTech’s Computer Vision package!

Certainly we have yet iron out use cases, hence if you do have any ideas that you hope to get implemented, please leave a comment or drop me a DM! We certainly need help from experts. You can also show your support by buying us a coffee at Patreon to help accelerate this project to realization! Happy 2020!

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