Live Data Sync to BIM #DigitalTwin

Live Data Sync to BIM #DigitalTwin

With the buzz on the subject of Digital Twins, I can’t help it but question the practicality of BIM for Asset owners or Facility Managers (FM). The thought of requiring more resources to simply update models to build (or re-build) a usable #DigitalTwin for operators… just doesn’t make monetary sense to Asset owners or FMs.

Until I witnessed some of the great work put out by a previous colleague of mine, Naing, demonstrating synchronizing of live data to native Revit files. Check out some of the examples demonstrated!

1. Live temperature and humidity data synchronization

2. Live water tank level synchronization

3. Live water flow rate synchronization

This opens up the possibilities of automating data updates to native BIM files. Though i do agree that sounds like a long shot, but I’m definitely optimistic about the convergence of technology to the age of #DigitalTwin.

Thanks for reading! I hope you’ve enjoyed the post, and would love for any discussions on this topic. Leave a comment, or even drop me a DM, promise I’ll get back to you as soon as I can!

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