Motivation Monday!

Motivation Monday!

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I came across an idea by Your World Within that, for some reason, resonated with me and was urged by an invisible force to pen it down. I thought it’ll be nice to share this message on my blog to at least serve as a reminder to myself.

“The world focuses what can go wrong. The term difficult has nothing to do with you crossing the finish line if you are 100% convinced that you are able to. The term difficult just implies there are plenty of opportunities for you to quit along the way, a temptation that must be ignored. Difficult means that you will be tested, if this cause is truly worth it. If the answer is yes, the numbers, the probability, and the odds of exit opportunities will no longer be an adversary, but an ally that allows you to see things differently from those who chose to quit.” -Your World Within

To those who are still searching, keep exploring and never settle.

The final semester has just started, juggling work and academics will not be easy but I am truly grateful that I am loving what I do. I will try my best to publish at least one blog post and a page on Revit API at least once per week. Stay tuned!

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