New and Improved Visualisation node!!

New and Improved Visualisation node!!

Happy New Year guys! I hope you guys are enjoying the holiday season! As the year ends, we have some exciting updates for you guys in the AECTech Package. As this is an update post, its gonna be quick 😀

For the first update, let’s welcome the improved data visualization node, as shown below. In case you missed it, here the link to the previous post.

Watch Data Node in Action

As you guys can see, multiple sheets are supported now and rows/columns are labeled accordingly!!! This actually allows the best possible (Self-Proclaiming HAHAHA) visualization ever!

For the second update, a customizable watch image node is going to be included in our custom package. As you guys may know, we are trying to implement CV into the dynamo environment on any possible use cases, and in our CV nodes, images are generated heavily. As compared to the OOTB watch Image node, our node allows the user to resize the image accordingly. It also allows the user to export the current image in any supported format. It also contains a proper disposing sequence, which allows the user to use our CV nodes in automatic mode (As we are not proper programmers, finger crossed****). I say enough words and let’s see our watch image node in action

Watch Image Node in Action

That is all I have for the updates of the visualization nodes included in our package. As always, happy coding and please show us your support by buying us a coffee at Patreon to help accelerate this project to realization!

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  1. Artyom

    Good afternoon!
    Please tell me how to download this package of nodes?

    1. JunKang

      Hello Artyom,
      This package (AECTech) will be available by the end of this month (that’s for sure!). So please subscribe to this website if you haven’t done so and you will be notified instantly once the package is out!

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