Official first release of Fordify !

Official first release of Fordify !

We are so happy to announce the official release of Fordify !!

Fordify was developed to improve existing 4D & 5D BIM workflows between Revit & Navisworks, acting as a Primer for rapid 4D & 5D workflows between Revit & Navisworks.

A step towards “Model-driven construction planning & scheduling” approach to construction planning, a radical approach compared to the conventional way of drawing up Gantt charts from zero.

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Fordify (Trial) :
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We came a long way since the Proof of Concept (POC) was conceived last year. You can find the detailed post “Construction Simulation in 9 minutes”… here! Now, we can generate the same 4D animation in under 4 minutes using Fordify, AND in addition, giving custom and simple sequencing controls for users.

Here are the current functions you can expect !

* Simple controls to dictate precedence of elements during 4D simulation. 

  • Select your Groupings ordered by Categories, Levels, Zones and/ or Rooms.
  • Organize each Group’s precedence in respective settings.
  • Customise desired task label output using Prefix, Suffix & Delimiters

* Use Fordify for tag annotations!

  • Generate sequenced tag labels for documentation within seconds !

We are clear that we have yet achieved the long-term goal of “Model-driven construction planning & scheduling”. However, we are taking steps towards a future where schedules could easily be generated from models, because we strongly feel that rapid costing and scheduling should be one of the benefits that BIM should bring about.

Do join us in this cause by supporting us by testing the app out, and give us your utmost honest feedback. We need feedback from construction professionals like yourself to bridge the gaps that you see ! Even sharing this with your colleagues or peers will be much appreciated 🙂

Download Links

Fordify (Trial) :
Fordify (Pro) :

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