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I’ve been reviewing and getting feedback about the content that I have been putting up the past two weeks. And thinking about ways to improve the presentation of the content that is more reader friendly.

A few points to note for areas of improvement:

  1. Paragraph too lengthy
  2. Messy presentation on both Dynamo and C#, readers might not know what to focus on
  3. Code too lengthy

Possible ways of improvement:

  1. Systematic presentation in point form
  2. Code sample implementation function
  3. Explanation (if necessary) to follow or separate page for it
  4. Separate page for an overview of class then link to individual methods and properties

Would probably refurbish one of those pages tomorrow to see how it turns out! Gotta keep in mind that my target audience are beginners probably from Architectural or Engineering domains. And that my goal is to alleviate their uncertainties that I have personally experienced as well.

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